Brammertz Consulting GmbH provides financial risk, return and regulatory consulting services which result in:

  • Customer-specific solutions for efficient risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Simplification of system integration
  • A unified risk language throughout your organization
  • Efficient risk structures designed to provide consistent risk calculations across departments
  • Practical risk roadmaps

The ongoing financial crisis has shown the need for efficient and meaningful communications in order to understand the implications of financial contracts not only throughout the organization but on an international level. Brammertz Consulting is working on the organizational as well as on the international level.

  • On the organizational level: Improving the internal structures that help breaking down the prevalent “silo structures” and introducing a unified internal approach to all financial analytics.
  • On the international level Brammertz Consulting is dedicated to improving the future of the financial system by heading the ACTUS project. ACTUS stands for Algorithmic Contract Types – Unified Standard which is a global standard for financial contracts for the analytic use case. Once fully implemented, it will improve analytic quality of finance and reduce its cost at the same time.