About Willi Brammertz

Dr. Brammertz obtained his PhD in Economics from the University of Zurich. His doctoral thesis discussed the elementary parts of finance, from which various financial analysis can be simply derived Dr. Brammertz is continually refining and developing this concept while maintaining the foundation laid in his thesis. In 1992, together with Dr. Jürg B. Winter, he founded IRIS integrated risk management ag. At first, he focused on consulting projects in the area of Asset and Liability Management, implementing external systems at several banks. Beginning in 1996, he applied his insights from his doctoral thesis as the Chief Technology Officer by creating riskpro™.

In 2008, Iris was sold to FRSGlobal, a leading provider of regulatory reporting in the banking sector. Dr. Brammertz, now an independent consultant, regularly speaks at international conferences on risk management and regulatory compliance and has published numerous articles. In 2009, Wiley & Sons published Dr. Brammertz’s first book, “Unified Financial Analysis – the missing links of finance”. Dr. Brammertz wrote his book, which is co-authored by distinguished colleagues, based on his more than twenty years of experience in financial analysis.